SoccerLAB Video Analysis Pro 2013

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New version will be released at beginning of February 2013

SoccerLAB Video Analysis Pro 2013

Some new great features will be released in February 2013

Maximize to FULL SCREEN

The new version of the analysis tool is designed to perform the best on high resolution screens


"Live Capturing and recording" in combination with analysis

While recording your matches directly into the analysis tool you can analyze and jump back to marked events.

An advanced time shiftin algorithm is implemented into this release of the software.

This will make it even easier to use video footage during the break or directly after the game.

We can record streams coming from network camera's ( RTSP ) and composite / component inputs.

Mark your annotations as "Favourite"

Each annotation can now be marked as a favourite inside the software. This makes it possible to already have a nice pre-selection within the annotations.

Flexible way to change your meta data defining your annotation

Assigned labels and attributes can be easily changed using an annotations wizard.

Convert video annotations into drawing annotations

It is very easy now to save an existing video annotation into a drawing annotation.

Create "Presentation files" for our new SoccerLAB Video Presenter

Our video presenter makes it very easy to present video productions coming out of our analysis software.

The presenter is completely controlled by the keyboard.

Set lead-in and lead-out times for each drawing annotation

Each drawing will have its own lead-in and lead-out time to be used when you are creating clips or compilations out of your analyzed annotations

Watch your annotations while still creating new ones

Customize your "Transition Image" between annotations

The software allows you know to create a personalized transition image to be shown between each clip.

Also the location of the generated information between each clip can be user defined.

Improved Search option

Searching analysis data is improved towards previous versions of the software

Smart board support

It is possible to annotate and draw inside video footage using a smart board. The drawn annotation can be used afterwards directly in your clip production.

Modern new look and design

When opening the software the customer will notice a complete new modern design of our software.

The UI is clearer and even more user friendly than the past for the end user.

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Main office Belgium

Development office India