SoccerLAB Video Library

Organize your videos in an easy, central and efficient way. Make them available in your analysis tools, mobile devices and web clients. 

videolibrary 200A key element in the SoccerLAB overall system is the SoccerLAB Video Library.

In this library all the organizations video material is centrally organized making the system possible to find a required video file immediately.

There is no need for the end user anymore to create a folder structure manually and put all the video in the right directory on the right server. With the video library this is done automatically, saving the user a lot of time and sharing files in a user friendly way.



The SoccerLAB Video Library is exposed on the IPad, IPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices.


Use your videos anyway, anyhow and anywhere you want!



  • Create your own library organisation per season, competition etc.
  • Manage large video files
  • Upload video clips and files into the video library with the SoccerLAB Video import tool or automatically.
  • Youtube like searching
  • Your video files are encoded automatically (if needed) and available for streaming. 
  • Multiple video formats are supported for uploading
  • Integration with Central SoccerLAB Application is possible, video files are connected to games, team trainings, injuries, performance tests.
  • Sharing
  • Archiving
  • Mobile ( Android, Windows Phone, IPad, IPhone )




Sales office Germany

Main office Belgium

Development office India